Please join us at our annual
End-of-Passover "Moshiach Meal" 

Tuesday, April 18, 6:00 PM

At the Muchnik Home Backyard
Free of charge. All are welcome to join! 


Click here for more about the last days of Pesach which begins TONIGHT Sunday, April 16.

Seventh Day of Pesach: Sunday Eve - Monday, April 16-17

Holiday Candlelighting: 7:12 pm
Evening Services 7:15 pm (At the Muchnik Home)
All-night Torah Study beginning 10pm at the Rabbi's home

Morning Holiday Services: 10:00 am
Special "Splitting of the Sea" Torah Reading: 11:00 am

Evening Services 7:15 pm (At the Muchnik Home)
Holiday Candlelighting: After 8:09pm (from a pre-existing flame) 

Eighth Day of Pesach: Tuesday, April 18

Morning Services: 10:00 am
YIZKOR Memorial prayer for the deceased: 11:30 am

It is customary to pledge charity in memory of loved ones at Yizkor. Click here  to donate.

End-of-Passover "Moshiach Meal"

6:00 pm at the home of Rabbi & Mrs. Dov Muchnik in Oxnard Shores.

Let's close out the Passover holiday together with a special farewell meal. Enjoy wine and matzah, discuss words of Torah and inspirational stories, sing Chassidic melodies, and find out why this day has a special energy related to the coming of Moshiach.

Best wishes for a Good Yom Tov and Chag Sameach!

Rabbi Dov and Racheli Muchnik

About "Seudat Moshiach" (Moshiach's Meal)

The last day of Passover ("Acharon Shel Pesach") is particularly associated with Moshiach and the future redemption. The Haftarah (reading from the Prophets) for this day is from Isaiah 11, which describes the promised future era of universal peace and divine perfection. Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov instituted the custom of partaking of a "Moshiach's meal" on the afternoon of the last day of Passover; in addition to the matzah eaten at "Moshiach's meal", the Rebbes of Chabad added the custom of drinking four cups of wine, as in the seder held on Passover's first days.  Click here for more>>>

The Moshiach Meal is free of charge and is sponsored by the Gordon and Herzog Family in honor of Rabbi Yehoshua Binyamin "Josh" Gordon of blessed memory.