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Moti's Upshernish (1st haircut)

Moti's Upshernish (1st haircut)


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Tuesday, Feb 10th - Shevat 16 @ 5 pm

Chabad of Oxnard Jewish Center

Buffet dinner will be served

With prayers for peace in the Holy Land & the entire world with the Coming of Moshiach!


Rabbi Dov & Racheli Muchnik

Please click here to RSVP or call us at 805-382-4770

             In lieu of personal gifts, please consider making a charitable contribution in Moti’s honor


My name is Moti and soon I’ll be three
My parents are making a party for me
It’s more than a birthday, as you’ll read in this rhyme

We’re going to cut my hair, for the very first time

An “upshernish” is Yiddish, it means cutting hair

A kippah and tzitzit, I’ll now get to wear

The Torah compares a little boy to a tree

Whose fruit may not be cut, until it turns three

If its roots are well nourished, it will grow strong and pure

And then the tree - just like me - will always stand secure

My new kippah and peyot will announce clear and loud

That I am a Jewish boy and I’m so very proud

No more brushes and pins, no more ponytails and curls

Never again will I hear “what a cute little girl!”

So come take a snip, my hair I won’t be missin’

Please join us for this beautiful tradition.