Cantor Yaacov Sebbag

Cantor Sebbag.jpgCantor Yaacov Sebbag has always been passionate about music and the arts, even as a young child. Growing up in Montreal, Canada, as the son and grandson of cantors, it has always been part of the very fabric of his life. At the young age of fourteen, he was appointed as the cantor for the Bronfman Jewish Center. A position he held for three years until he left to study abroad. As he grew older and developed his singing talents, Yaacov has flown around the world to perform for audiences in New York, Los Angeles, London, France, South Africa, Israel, Mexico, Ukraine, and his native Canada.

Yaacov’s vocal coach, Lenora Eve, is a disciple of the vocal pedagogue, Cornelius Reid, the famed specialist in the bel canto technique. Throughout the years of his training, Yaacov has developed into a rich lyric tenor.

While he is passionate about music, education is his primary vocation. Yaacov studied for his rabbinical ordination and then went on to study for a degree in special and general education in university. Currently, he serves as the principal of a school for students with special education needs in Brooklyn, where he resides with is wife and children.