The Jewish Women's Circle of Ventura County

“In the merit of righteous women we were redeemed from Egypt,

and in their merit we will once again be redeemed.” (Medrash)


The Jewish Women’s Circle is a project which provides an opportunity for all women in the area to meet new friends, socialize and learn in an informal setting.Through innovative activities, we will explore contemporary Jewish issues and discuss subjects related to our tradition.  We will be meeting on the first week of each Jewish month to celebrate the women’s Jewish holiday – Rosh Chodesh.  So join the Circle and you will be given opportunities to feed your mind…nourish your soul…and delight your senses!


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Bellow is an article written by a participant at one of the Women's gatherings titled: "Physical & Spiritual workout for the High Holidays":

Many women hit the ground running in the morning, and
keep running until they collapse at night.  Day in and
day out.  As even the deepest well runs dry in a
severe drought, we women, with our myriad of hats,
will run dry and have nothing to give if we don't
recharge our batteries. 

The Jewish Women's Circle (jointly organized by the
Chabad Houses of Camarillo, Oxnard, and Ventura)
encourages women to come together for spiritual and
physical recharging and rejuvenation.  The year's
first gathering at Chabad of Oxnard's new
location at the corner of Channel Islands Boulevard
and Victoria Ave in Oxnard was hosted in memory of
Sadie Edelstein. 

Rebetzein Muchnik began the evening passing out a
questionnaire.  "Are my Body & Soul Well-Balanced?" 
We answered questions (for our eyes only) regarding
our physical/body and spiritual/soul.  We then had in
black and pink (pink paper the color of choice) food
for thought and reflection — "Am I in balance?"

Anna M. Kotula, Doctor of Physical Therapy, the
evening's guest speaker, obviously loves what she
does, and is passionate about sharing her knowledge
with others.  Ms. Kotula led us through a series of
simple awarenesses, movements, and exercises we could
do at odd intervals during the course of our hectic
days.  She came to share her knowledge of physical
movement (her background replete with experience).  In
return, she was touched by the warmth and
attentiveness afforded her.

The food for our bodies was vibrant in color.  Rosy
watermelon, pale green melon, red cherry tomatoes,
peppers in red, green and yellows, a pumpkin color
dip, shades of brown nuts.  A feast for our eyes and
taste buds.

A lovely evening.  Worth making yourself leave the
house for.  Worth driving in the rain for.  Worth
marking on your calendar all the upcoming dates in
so you'll be there!
  You're worth it!