Déjà Vu Dreams & Past Events       An evening with Rabbi Manis Friedman

Everyone has experienced the unsettling

mystery of déjà vu – that flash of memory

when you meet someone new you feel

you've known all your life or recognize a

place even though you've never been there

before. Are such dreams and feelings messages

from the past or clues to the future?


Wednesday, Febuary 28, 7:30pm

At Chabad of Ventura, 5040 Telegraph Rd, Ventura


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Rabbi Manis Freidman


 Rabbi Manis Friedman is one of today's most popular Jewish thinkers and speakers. His warmth, wit and wisdom have captivated audiences around the world. A noted scholar of Jewish Mysticism and Chassidic thought he synthesizes this knowledge with profound insights into the human condition. The result is a message that is both provocative and inspiring. He hosts his own critically acclaimed cable television series, and his audio and video recordings have been sold worldwide. He is the Director of the Beis Chana Women's Institute in S. Paul, Minnesota and the author of "Doesn't Anyone Blush Anymore?".


“[Friedman's] Television show, “Torah Forum” promotes ethical thinking in cable markets across the U.S." -- Rolling Stone

"Anyone who is either married or thinking of getting married would do well to read [Friedman's] book." -- Bob Dylan

"The message in Friedman's folksy and fascinating book is simple: It's good to be good." -- Seventeen Magazine

"With wit and originality, Manis Friedman makes us take a fresh look at our own morality." -- Guideposts

"A most unusual man who is saying what needs to be said… provocative and inspiring." -- Bob Grant

"I recommend that every person in America go out and buy [Friedman's] book." -- Paul Harvey

"…Gentle, sensitive, wise, and sometimes crack-up funny." -- Lifestyles In Recovery

"A rising superstar… eloquent and witty." -- New York Times Magazine