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 Chabad of Oxnard presents a new Summer mini-course exploring the Kabbalah of the Holy Temple

Interior Design for Mystics: Rearranging Your Spiritual Furniture

 Heaven on Earth: Timeless Vessels, Timely Lessons

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Behind the note-filled cracks of the Western Wall hide ancient secrets waiting to be revealed. Every beam, bracket and building both within and without the Temple Mount hold spiritual significance to which few have been exposed. This summer, learn these secrets when the JLI course, Heaven on Earth, returns for a four-week Kabbalistic “excavation” of the ancient Temple instruments.

“The Temple in ancient times served not only as the heart of the Jewish homeland, but also as the heart of the Jewish people,” said Rabbi Dov Muchnik. “While it is not standing today, it still serves as the pulse of the collective Jewish body and that which enlivens the entire Jewish nation. This summer, through understanding the deeper mystical aspects of the Temple vessels and instruments, we will better connect to our own hearts and selves in a much deeper way.”

Heaven on Earth utilizes the most profound spiritual teachings and the most advanced technology to bring students through the Temple’s service. Utilizing ancient mystical concepts and detailed power point presentations, students will gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual functions of the Temple’s holy items, developing the means to channel the kabbalah of the vessels into their own lives. 

Heaven on Earth will be offered locally at The Chabad of Oxnard Jewish Center on four consecutive Tuesdays: July 7,14,21, and 28 from 7:30-9pm.

The course fee is $18, which includes a full-color student textbook.

Click here to register online or call us at 805-382-4770