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To be held in beautiful Oxnard Shores on Dec 1-2  

By Shulamit Rosner

I had been to so many singles events.  I really didn’t want to subject myself to the kind of disappointment that so often lingered afterwards.  But I decided nonetheless to participate in Chabad of Oxnard’s Singles Shabbaton Weekend.  I went, but with zero expectations.
When my girlfriend and I arrived at Casa Sirena, we were given a thoughtful gift basket filled with the schedule, map, fruit, nuts, vegetable chips, candy, granola bars and bottled water.  What a lovely start.
At the Chabad house, we received a very warm greeting from Rabbi Dov Muchnik.    Together with Rebbetzin Racheli, and her darling daughters, we lit Shabbat candles and brought a beautiful glow to the house.
After Kiddush, we enjoyed a delicious Shabbat Dinner.  Racheli led us in a cute getting-to know-you game that turned out to be funny and informative.
Tzippy Rav-noy recounted her story of how she and her husband, Rabbi Eyal met and married in the traditional orthodox manner.  Rabbi Eyal presented the A, B, C’s of Jewish dating: appearance, baggage, character, direction, and ethics.  It was thought provoking and challenging.
We staggered back to the hotel and were awake until 3 AM, laughing and talking.
Shabbat morning came too early, overcast and cold.  The weather actually kept most of us inside, becoming better acquainted.
After a great Kiddush lunch, Dr. and Mrs. Cedric Minkin shared the joys and difficulties of blended families.  There was plenty of lively discussion with differing but respectful opinions.
The afternoon break afforded some a Shabbos schluf and others more time to chat or walk to the beach.
Rabbi Eyal then gave us a fascinating text-based study of Adam and Chava and the lessons we can learn from them.  Especially note-worthy to me was how we must truly feel incompleteness in order to make the effort of finding our partner so we can establish a healthy marriage.
Seuda Shlishit gave us a last opportunity to shmooz and then we had a hysterical game of charades that brought out the Thespians in us.  What fun!
Havdala concluded our wonderful Shabbaton.  We lingered, exchanging telephone numbers and promising to stay in touch.
Thank you so much, Chabad of Oxnard, for all the work and devotion on our behalf.  It will remain a very pleasant memory for a long time to come.
May we all hear good news “b’karov”!